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Trans Iowa: Here's a reminder of what Trans Iowa is.........We are informing you all that are in the event that if you don't agree that you are on your own, that you are responsible for yourself, and that this is being undertaken of your own volition, then don't take the start.
Read that and consider it carefully. 

 4/20/18: ONE WEEK TO GO! 

4/18/18:  Volunteer t-shirts are done. Also- Check out what 4 women riders in TIv14 are up to HERE.
4/16/18: Some more detail on cue sheets and more should be read by clicking HERE.
4/10/18: An important announcement about the event details the morning of the 28th is HERE   DO NOT MISS THIS!! CLICK THAT LINK AND READ IT! NO EXCUSES FOR NOT FOLLOWING THE PROTOCOL WILL BE ALLOWED!
4/8/18: Final recon was accomplished Thursday. Cues have been corrected and have been sent off to the printer. NOTE: An important change to T.I. will be happening for v14. CUES WILL NOT BE HANDED OUT AT THE PRE-RACE!! See THIS POST on the GT Productions blog for details on the what and why. If anything comes up preventing you from being at T.I.v14- PLEASE E-MAIL ME BACK ASAP!

4/4/18: Things are getting real with three weeks to go. Read about what's happening in more detail HERE. Don't be a dick and not show up without advance notice.
 4/2/18: The winners of the Bar Yak Q-Pro Cue Sheet Holders are Adriene Taren, Al Brunner, and Robert Kiefer.  Thanks Bar Yak!
3/28/18: ONE MONTH TILL TIv14!! Check the latest update on the event HERE
 3/27/18: Trans Iowa sponsors Bar Yak and Velo Press have sent their products to the T.I. headquarters. 

3/7/18: Tentative plans are being laid for a kind of "photo booth" experience at the Pre-Race Meat-Up where you and a couple friends could potentially be getting portraiture taken and walking away with a print immediately afterward. Might make a nice memento for your annual "Gravel Family Reunion" . Stay tuned for further details...
3/5/18: Trans Iowa welcomes new sponsor, Andy's Mobile Bike Shop to the fold! We will be getting support for event day travel from Andy's and we really appreciate it! Thanks!
2/8/18: Some explanations concerning the Pre-Race Meat-Up, Cues, and more HERE on G-Ted Productions blog. READ IT!

 1/28/18: Check out THIS POST from Black Mountain Cycles' Mike Varley on the reasons why he is sponsoring T.I.v14 this year. Thanks BMC and Mike Varley!
 1/11/18: Trans Iowa welcomes back Lederman Bail Bonds who have backed Trans Iowa for several years now. They help provide funding for things that we have given away like t-shirts, hats, and other stuff. What's in store for this year? You'll have to show up to find out!
1/5/18: HAPPY NEW YEAR! I've just found out that Black Mountain Cycles is going to offer a frame/fork to the rider who finishes T.I.v14 that put in the "Grittiest Ride". Stay tuned for further details, but in the meantime, visit the Black Mountain Cycles site here-
11/9/17: More Sponsor News! Pedal of Littleton is back again to sponsor Trans Iowa. We've been happy to have Pedal as a sponsor since T.I.v10. Look for some raffle items from them at the Pre-race Meat-Up!
Sponsors: Want to sponsor Trans Iowa? Shoot me an e-mail! The link is down at the lower right of this page or use Thanks!

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Racers have been known to mentally break down and cry along side of the road.
Trans Iowa v8 winner, Eric Brunt is featured in this new post on Cannondale's site.

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Jeff Frings released "300 Miles of Gravel" a movie made about Trans Iowa V7, in May of 2012. This film was shown on television in the Chicago area and has won a Chicago Regional Area Emmy for Outstanding Sports Programming- One Time Special. (Purchase a copy by clicking here)

"Iowa Momentum Magazine" ran a story on Trans Iowa in its March 2012 issue.

"Bicycle Retailer and Industry News" runs a story on gravel grinding featuring Trans Iowa on its cover for its last issue of 2011.

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Bicycle Times published an article on T.I. in issue #10, 2011

Zach Dundas' book "The Renegade Sportsman" contains a chapter about T.I.V3


Dave Mable's T.I.V8 video
T.I.V5 Clip by George Vargas. 
Clip By Matt Gersib From T.I.V6
Ben Shockey's T.I.V7 Video Scrapbook
Part I
An article about running, but related in spirit to Trans Iowa. Recommended for those wondering about this event. 


"There is no "Easy Button" when it comes to Trans Iowa. Everything is difficult."- Guitar Ted

Event Dates:   APRIL 28th-29th, 2018

Entry Fee: FREE!

Field Limit: 120: NOTE- There are no transfers allowed and no waiting list for spots on the roster.

Start/Finish Town: Grinnell, Iowa-

Registration:   CLOSED!

  Lodging:  There will be no longer any official lodging provided due to an incident perpetrated by a support person during T.I.v12. This almost cost me a lot of money. I'm not willing to risk someone else's ill advised behavior again.

*Pre-Race Meat Up:   Mandatory Attendance! The Grinnell Steakhouse has confirmed we will be having the Meat-Up again there on Friday April 27th. Doors open at 4:00pm. From 4:00pm -6:00pm: Eat, pickup race #, sign waivers, and mingle. 6:30pm: Racers must have signed on by this time or they will not be allowed to ride in T.I.v14! 7:00pm- Pre-Race remarks begin. 8:00pm-ish. (Maybe before if all goes well) Meeting ends. NOTE- NO CUES HANDED OUT AT PRE-RACE!

START TIME: Cues handed out starting at 3:45am at start line. MUST BE THERE AT 3:45AM to Receive Cues! 4:00am start by controlled roll-out.

Course Info and Time Cut Off Info :    
A word about convenience stores. First off- THERE ARE NO SUPPLY CHANCES AT ANY OF THE CHECKPOINTS! Next, there are a total of FOUR convenience stores on the ENTIRE ROUTE. The last one is a 24 hour store and is about 100 miles from the finish. Plan accordingly. Time Cut Offs: (Tentatively- this could be adjusted) CP#1 Time Cut Off 8:15am - CP#2 Time Cut Off 11:00pm - Event Time Cut Off 2:00pm Sunday.

Notes: You Are Responsible For Yourself!

*NOTE: The Pre-Race Meat-Up is mandatory for event participants to attend or you will not be riding in T.I.V14! CUES WILL NOT BE PROVIDED UNTIL THE MORNING OF THE EVENT DUE TO PAST CHEATING.


1: The Golden Rule. The sponsors, organizers, and anyone having anything to do with this race are NOT responsible for your safety. Think of this race as a 300+ mile hard training ride with prizes. We can't say this enough.....YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU!

2: The Trans-Iowa Mountain Bike Race is a non-stop, self-supported, solo competition along the gravel roads of rural Iowa. Competitors must carry with them ALL necessary equipment.

3: Each rider is considered to be on a private excursion and remains solely responsible for any accidents in which he or she may be involved. No responsibility can be accepted for riders becoming lost or stranded.

4: Prearranged outside support is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to assistance with navigation, delivery of supplies, lighting, or lodging.

5: Competitors will stock up on food and other items at stores and businesses along the route. Viva la gas station burritos and Oatmeal Cream Pies!

6: Competitors may not advance on the route by any means other than bicycling or in the case of a mechanical, by foot. There will be no hitching of rides via Iowa farm animals. Moooooooo.

7: Competitors may, in the case of emergency, mechanical or other unforeseeable problems, be assisted by motorized transport. By accepting motorized transport you will automatically relinquish your standing in the race.

8: The primary race route must be followed at all times. No short cuts or alternate routes are permitted. If you do this, you are a retard and will be forced to help local farmers scoop poop!

9: Bike choice is up to you! We are allowing mnt bikes, cyclocross bikes, 29"ers, and road bikes if you really want to be stupid. Just be aware that some research is going to have to go into your final bike choice. The gravel roads of Iowa can get pretty harsh in northern part of the state. I suggest atleast a 1.95, but then again, it's up to you how much you want to hurt. We'll leave it at that.

10: All singlespeed/fixie category racers must start and finish on the same gear. So, that means don't stick 10 assorted freewheels/track cogs in your bag. You CAN run a flip-flop hub, but both gears (freewheel & cog) must have the same number of teeth.

11: You are completely on your own. Use your head. Look and yield for traffic. There will be no course marshalls to hold up traffic. Don't be a dumbass!

12: Riders must wear an ANSI or Snell approved helmet, must obey city, county and state laws and Rules of the Road, and conduct themselves in a manner that will not bring discredit to the event.

13: All racers must use and carry with them a flashing red taillight and front light, and a back-up light source, i.e. headlamp. A cell phone is also a good/great idea.

14: Racers will be supplied a course map, a.k.a Cue Sheet.

15: This event will happen regardless of rain, sleet, snow, drought, wind, rabbit infestation, etc. You get the idea.

16: Weather Related Stoppage and Time Cut Off Rule: In case of severe weather during the event, we will do the folowing things so you can act accordingly. Remember: YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOURSELF!! If the sky is falling, or you see Dorothy's house go spinning by your head, you should take appropriate actions to protect yourself. We will not be responsible for ill advised heroics in inclement weather. Be smart, or be pig fodder! This is only given out so that you as an event participant will know what our actions will be in regards to keeping tabs on your progress and what will be done with prizing.

Weather related cancellation of the event will be enforced at the checkpoints. All participants will be directed as to where and when any prizing will be distributed at checkpoints by our volunteers. If you pull out before a checkpoint, you will need to contact the Event Director to find out if the event is being terminated. Results will not be tabulated if we have to stop the event. If cut off times to a checkpoint are not met by any event participant then the event will be terminated and all will be considered as DNF's.

Prizing will be distributed by raffle to the remaining participants in the event at the time of stoppage or when it becomes clear that the cut off times will not be met. Must be present to win. Decisions of the event's directors is final.

17: No GPS Systems allowed for navigation. GPS's are allowed for personal data and recording your ride.

18: Have at least a pit crew of 1 to help you if you have problems. The people and sponsors associated with this race will not come get you or be responsible for you! You get ran over by a tractor, that is your problem. You get attacked by a rabid raccoon, that also is your problem. You get recruited to scoop pig poop, yep you guessed it, that is your problem.

19: A cell phone is highly recommended. Make sure you know how to use it.

20: Racers can help other racers with mechanical support. We are not doing this event to leave someone out in the boonies of Iowa.

21: If you exit the course for food, supplies, or any other reason, You must re-enter in the same spot in which you left. Got it!

22: Drafting is allowed. But please do not show up with 8 of your buds and turn this into a road race.

23: Due to ever evolving "technology" it has to be said now that no electric assist, nor anything other than a 100% human powered, two wheeled vehicle is allowed to be used at Trans Iowa. 

24: Participants must remain within the primary boundaries of the roadway at all times. If the roadway is bordered by fences or ditches, riders must stay between them. If the roadway is in open range, stay on the roadway. Leaving the roadway or climbing over a fence is considered short cutting the course and will result in disqualification

The intent of these rules is to establish an equal and fair opportunity for all racers.



Yeah, we have some prizes, but they are neither bling-bling or going to help you find a mate. If you are looking to get rich by winning this event, I am sorry, but you better look elsewhere. Some prizing will be given to the top finishers in these 3 fields...
Open Men

Open Women
Open Singlespeed / Fixed Gear
Plus, there may be some Special Prizing given at the discretion of the Event Directors and Sponsors. Look for details in the "Latest News" section on any prizing that may be given out in this manner. 

Categories: There will be an Open Men, Open Women, Single Speed/Fixed.

T.I.  Sponsors: Black Mountain Cycles (frame/fork to the winner of the Grittiest Ride), Pedal Of Littleton (raffle prizes at Pre-Race), Bar-Yak (Q-Pro Que Sheet Holders) WTB (Tires to be given at the Pre-Race), Lederman Bail Bonds (Financial backing for gifts/schwag for riders.) Velo Press/Nick Legan: Five copies of the book, "Gravel Cycling" to be raffled off at the Pre-Race Meat-Up, Andy's Mobile Bike Shop: Travel expenses for race volunteers, of course, Guitar Ted Productions:  volunteer t-shirts, and a bunch of production work! And more soon!


The following is information for you the racer, and some suggestions for gear to keep in mind for the event. Of course, what you decided to carry is up to you. The items listed in RED are the "must haves" by all racers!
  • When you’re out riding in Iowa in April, the weather can change rapidly at any time and being prepared for wind and rain or snowy conditions with the gear that you carry will make your ride much more enjoyable. Even on a 60 degree day, it’s possible to get cold very quickly if you have to stop to fix a mechanical problem or become injured so always carry a waterproof/windproof jacket or thermal top and dress in layers appropriate to the conditions.
  • Maintain your bike so that it doesn’t let you down when you’re at the furthest point from civilization.
  • As a minimum I suggest carry the tools listed below and more importantly, know how to use them.
  • If possible cycle in a group so that if someone does hurt himself or herself there are enough people to stay with the injured person while others go for help.
  • Carrying a basic first aid kit and survival blanket is a very good idea.
  • Unless you are VERY familiar with the area where you are cycling, carry a map and compass in clear plastic bag. Again – know how to use them!
  • Keep eating and drinking regularly to keep your energy levels up so that you can complete the race. Be able to recognise the symptoms of dehydration and “hitting the wall” and act accordingly.
  • In most cases the farmers of Iowa are your best bud. They will give you food, and treat you like a son or daughter. But there are a few out there that would rather mow you down with their 1969 Dodge pickup.
  • Farmers own dogs. These dogs chase anything that moves. Be prepared to throw-down with a mutt if needed.
  • Redwing Blackbirds......if you get too close to their nests, they will dive-bomb your head. Just keep riding, they can't hurt you.

  • Red tail light (here is a good example)
  • Front light. Power output is up to you. Keep in mind you won't be able to recharge. (here is a good example)
  • A way to contact the "outside" world should you need help. (Hint- cell phone!)


  • Small rucksack / hydration pack
  • Lightweight waterproof / windproof top
  • Extra thermal top or warm layer to wear if stopped
  • 2 liters of water either in a bladder or water bottles
  • Food – for example energy bars, gels or chocolate
  • A good pump
  • Tyre levers
  • 2 spare inner tubes
  • Puncture repair kit
  • Chain splitter
  • Allen key set
  • Spoke wrench
  • First aid kit and survival blanket
  • Mobile phone / money for pay-phone
  • Butt butter....ahhhhh smooooth!
  • Good chain lube. Don't under-estimate Iowa's harsh conditions in the Spring.
  • Cash, debit card, credit card. Use these items to get items on the road to complete the route.
  • Handle bar map case ( Banjo Brothers Cue Sheet Holder)
  • a cycling computer ( Garmin Edge 200)

This may sound like a lot of gear to be lugging around during a race and on many cases you won’t need all of it. However, if something does happen to you or your bike in a remote spot, you’ll be equipped to deal with most situations or at least stay safe and warm until help arrives.


 Trans Iowa Roster
Limited to 120 Riders
"Suffering becomes beautiful when anyone bears great calamities with cheerfulness"
 Womens Open
 1. Janna Vavra
2. Jamie Granquist V/F
3. Kate Ankofski V/F
4. Lee Buell V/F
5. Crystall Wintle V/F
6. Leah Gruhn V/F 
7. Rachel Lehringer-Wiar R
8. Paulina Batiz R
9. Carolyn Franzone R
10. Svetlana Vold R
11. Karla Hernandez R
12. Kimberly Breuer R
13.Sheila Torres-Blank R
14. Ann Gentle R
15. Jess Pendleton R
16. Adrienne Taren R

Mens Open

1.Greg Gleason
2. Joe Stephens
3. Ari Andonopoulous
4. Corey "Cornbread" Godfrey
5. Robert Kiefer
6. Dan Hughes
7. Eric Brunt
8. Allen Brunner
9. Matt Jennings
10.Walter Zitz
11. Derek Brown V/F
12. Luke Wilson V/F
13. Dan Lockery V/F
14. Justin Schuetz V/F
15. Todd Watchmaker V/F
16. Will Ritchie V/F
17. James Nixon V/F
18. David Weis V/F
19, Jacob Spath V/F
20. Matt Curry V/F
21. Nick Legan V/F
22. Marcus Anderson V/F
23. Scott Rider V/F
24. Timothy Stephen V/F
25, Derek Henry V/F
26. Jim Koziol V/F
27. Mike Wagster V/F
28. Roy Rhodes V/F
29. Trent Hovenga V/F
30. Keisuke Inoue V/F
31. Balvindar Singh V/F
32. Mathew Kutilek V/F
33. Scott Sumpter V/F
34. Brad Lamson V/F
35. Ben Mullin V/F
36. Eric Schmidgall V/F
37. Andrew Pearson V/F
38. Jay Schares V/F
39. Dan Buettner V/F
40. Michael Lemberger V/F
41. Pell Duvall V/F
42. Nicholas McColloch V/F
43. Jeremy Fry V/F
44. Andrew Czechanski V/F
45. Nathan Griffee R
46. James Quirk R
47. Mark Lowe R
48. Tyler Puls R
49. Jason Shearer R
50. Shannon Neary R
51. Tom Anderson R
52. Robert Ellis R
53. Jim Bethea R
54. Ryan Haug R
55. Casey Kimble R
56. Michael Landerville R
57. Michael McGinn R
58. David Inskeep R
59. Scott Galloway R
60. Scott Andrews R
61. Stefano Tomasello R
62. Allen McCain R
63. Lorenzo Ferro R
64. Dave Knox R
65. Jere Mohr R
    Single Speed/ Fixed

 1.Warren Weibe
2. Charles Parsons 
3. Jeremy Kershaw
4. Mark Johnson 
5. Trenton Raygor V/F
6. Luke Brager V/F
7.  Bailey Newbrey V/F
8. Ben Oney V/F
9. "Fixie" Dave Nice PV*
10. Elizabeth McKinley R
11. Sam Scipio R
12. Kim Werst R
13, Kayci Sterzer R
14. Matt Steele R
15. May Tsupros R
16. Sheldon Thompson R
17. Allison Zmuda R
18. Justin McBride R
19. Ryan Simon R

1 and 2. Sarah Cooper/Steve Fuller 

V/F = Veteran or Finisher, (or both) of any Trans Iowa past V8.  
R = Rookie- ie: Someone who has never ridden in a Trans Iowa before
*PV = Past Veteran: Someone who had to navigate the Rookie Lottery because they were on the inactive riders list.
Note: If no letter follows a name it indicates a past winner or a 6 plus time time rider of Trans Iowa.